Hold Fast has developed two web-based applications designed to assist teachers, students, parents, and textbook publishers. The first, Markury, was developed in partnership with BMJ Education Services to provide teachers with a standards-based student reporting tool. The second, Solvation, is a site developed by Hold Fast that provides students and teachers with fully worked solutions to textbook questions. it also provides publishers with the ability to protect their intellectual property.


Solvation provides professionally-worked, illustrated, step-by-step solutions to text book problems.

  • Step by Step Solutions: We not only give you the answer, but also how we got there. You will understand every step from the beginning to the end.

  • Improved Understanding: Use the full solution to help you improve your understanding of challenging concepts. Sometimes knowing the answer is just not enough.

  • Array of Books: We can help you with a wide variety of subjects and text books. Browse our selection and see for yourself.

Markury is a web-based tool for teachers to capture and report student progress. Collect evidence that is content-based and competency-driven. Functionality includes:

  • Dashboard: Provides teachers with up-to-date information on the content standards and curricular competencies they've assessed.

  • Configure: Teachers can create and modify class sections and assessments. They can adjust course weightings to fit their needs.

  • Observe: Whether it's a test, project, or in-class activity, teachers can quickly collect and record data for tasks they've created.

  • Reports: Detailed and accurate reports by section and individual help teachers identify what their students know, can do, and understand.